dating and being taken advanc of

I learn that in life dating and finding the person you want to be with it never easy. I am a really nice guy and people use me a lot. SO it tough to trust people in general and then you add that to the mixed it even harder to want to meet people. it is teaching me a lot about me and how much I need to do self-care around my own issues caring about myself. Dating has allowed me to see who I don’t want in my life etc, It just tiring for me right now with some many things going on that I don’t always feel in the mood for a one night stand, I want a deeper connection etc but that always hard to find, SO i will keep looking

gender and dating and rules

today post is about the idea of dating and gender and rules. I was thinking about the idea of how it great that i decided to follow those rules because those rules are crazy and really not working for me. I am gay therefore there according to society there are way I suppose to act. I see as freeing that I can change the way I live and date is great. I want to find the guy for me. but first I have to work on myself thanks

so issues with dating

I had a rough road trying to date it not easy to go out there and have autism and try to find someone. I always wonder if I should tell them that I have autism or not. I am a nice person so a lot of people seem to use me because of that so it hard to know if I being taken for a ride or not. so it been a slow going process for me. I also working on the ideas of being nicer to myself and not beating myself a lot if something happens during a date or they never talk to me again. so you guys have any though share them thanks

sometimes being lost is a good thing right?

Today I feel lost being gay and having autism. I feel like there no map out there to guide me on how to feel and what I should or should not do. all the rules seem to change a lot so I hard to know if following them or not. The one thing I know I never really dated before so haveing someone in my life is new.I don’t have someone right now. that being said it tough for me this time of year to be alone because my depression kicks in and I start listening to those voices in my head. As starting to come to terms with a lot of things I notice that there is a pain there too so let the healing begin

so it been a while

sorry about that I got caught up in life, my theme today is space in dating. I want to date but the issue is that I donlt like people in my space all the time does any else have that issue? I know I do it not easy the whole someone touching me things drives me crazy sometimes I working on it but it not easy at all. i seeing that a deeper thing that going to have to be hammer out if I really a long term boyfriend but that fun part of life I get to work on more later

fear about being gay

for yrs I have had this fear about being gay and that I was bad person and I that doing it wrong. It seen that over the years that I told myself this over and over. It hard voice to break and it tough to stop believing the lies I tell myself everyday. I know they are not true but I tell myself that they are true so over time it amazes how it gave my fear and how much of that I push down so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. I dealing with now and I tell you it very freeing to let it go. how do you guy and girls cope with this issues I love to hear all about it

expressing myself

I always had a hard time expressing myself when it is coming to my autism and being gay. I wanted a boyfriend it was just I could;t figure out what I wanted it was a terrible deal for me as I was alway lost in how to find one. I did the sex one night stand thing for a while in college, and I felt lost there for a while, and I wasn’t sure why until years later I found out why. Sex scared me a lot, I mean I like it but it also tough because I don’t people touching me in my space a lot so I still trying to balance that all out and see what where that leads too, etc. I still working all this out this blog is that space for that to all happen. thanks

this a new blog

my name is Benjamin, and I have autism. I am gay and I going to blog about being gay and having autism. I am going to go to really deep about my sexually. I want to help bring the light the in this area I think that needs to be talked about and share some of my thoughts.
To begin I am 37 yrs old and live in Mpls mn and I work for a food store. I knew I was gay was in high school. I acted when I turn 18 I was scared and had no clue what was going on. I had to learn over time what to do and how to live. In this blog, you will hear my story but I want to talk about how I deal with the sexually. I will not go into details of my past sexual acts I will only bring them up to make points and stuff, so I hope you enjoy