Today I going to talk about subject that that near and dear to me. It about finding one voice in a community that sometimes is in chaos. The other day I posted a video about love. One of the thing I was reflecting on more is the idea of it being autism awareness month and sometimes I still like we autistic can’t express who we are because we get put in labels etc that don’t away fit who we are. It hard for me sometimes to share because I feel like if I do I get judge or people won’t get the meaning because it so deep, we want to speak our minds etc. sometimes it just takes a while to process what is going on with us. I been struggling with this issue of speaking. It like I have things to say but can’t always put words to them that people would understand. It like my mind goes faster then I can process. I work with kids like that why I understand what it like not to heard. You shut down. In the non autistic community their were rules etc created that suppose to help but in sense made the problem worse. I not blaming I just saying that if you met one autistic person you haven’t met us all. For those non verbal they have a voice too. We all do. Let share with what we need to say with out judgement etc. we are use to protect others from hurt etc that we forget to teach how to have compassion, reasoning skills etc. I Been bully as kid and the pain still there it hurts but over time I been able to work on the healing that need to happen. It slow process but please give us a chance to express our gifts to the world. We can all learn from each other gifts