walk I took

So I want to reflex on my walk today how far I come in my life about a few yrs ago before I back to mn. I was in deep depression and everything I tried was pulling me down and when I move back home it took a while for all it to calm down. I still get depressed but from what I learn today that I doing much better with the support I get. I still bury feeling but now I created a safe place in which to share them. I feel through the power of my creator that I open up areas of my¬†life that need to have light shed on them. it has been a rough patch. yesterday I open up again and I knew it would bring things up again but you what I want to heal old self but I also want to create a new self someone who isn’t scared of the world and who is willing to speak his truth when need in space that there for him. That what I see in the school and the camp I work we really need to teach this skill of creating spaces for our kids with and with disables to express who there are. People with autism want to date etc we are sometimes told we can’t because of society view of dating. one of my fav quotes is about it if you met one person with autism, you only met one person. There are so many different people and some many stories don’t try to bunch all together to fit in your perfect world. I like the old idea of putting a round peg in a square hole the more you push it down the more the cracks show. Humans have feeling. and the one thing, I have learned is we need to do better at listening to others and hear their stories and began to let them live the lives they want not the one we create for them thanks