small things

Today I was thinking of the small things I could do to better listen to others. It being kings day. It reminds of the idea of what he fought for was freedom for the things that happen inside of us. Sometimes we forget to express our self and create a place of peace. I want to show compassion to my students one of the ways I started to do this to stop blaming the parents, it not easy because that what sometimes we do in my job. it places blame on something or someone. Refexling on this has shown me that it not a fair system for anyone right now. We need to work on healing as a nation and healing inside all of us. It going to take time and it going to take work. I see the small things I can do. Take time to know my kids don’t rush to trying to fix the problem which is not my problem to fix, Be there for them in there sadness and healing. Sometimes I just need to be there for them no judgment etc. Just be there in the moment teaching them how to breathe how to let go and process what is happening to them. The students I work with it always hard to know what going on with them but I see that I can at least show them what a safe person look like and hopefully when they share with me sometimes it hitting etc. our job is to teach them others ways to express them like breathing etc. Sometimes we are in such a rush that we forget our job our to be there for others and sometimes really listen to what there are teaching us and what we can teach them thanks. Dr king talk a lot overcoming but he also talks a lot of shining our light sometimes it means marching sometimes it just sitting there in the quiet listening to the deep voice of healing