my reflections on education today I work I got into a conversation with Jenny Cramer about the idea and thoughts I had around how is a level of work there are a people getting hurt. and yet it when it reported or talk about it, we told it comes with the job.I seem like a weird idea. that It ok you got hit it comes with the job. or statements like you at this school you so you know you are going to get hit. To me, no one should get hurt at all period. We as a society need to better job of protecting those who work in high-risk schools or even those who work in any school where you can get hit. No one tracks these numbers. I would be interested in j seeing what the rate of being hit. I would also love to see the rate of secondly trama that comes because of it. I know of higher up who got ht in my school district and it got dealt with but it seems to me that it someone who closely with students it ok because it comes with the job. I also see this with the students. here in the County, I live with do have any mental health centers to deal with these kids and their issues they are put in programs out of state or send back to the school in which they came from. How this healthy for anyone involved. I post this because I really want to be a part of the change that is happening too many of my friends are being hurt and we need to start dealing with these issues instead of turning a blind eye to what is going on. Teachers too and social workers etc these are issues facing what is suppose to be a safe place for everyone. I wish I had the answers to solve these issues I don’t. I just don’t like what I am seeing and it sad because I know when I got hurt what I had to go through to get support. I don’t job for the paycheck I do it because I care about the kids but it hard to love your job where you the cycle of people getting treated bad, So what can we all do to help. Start talking about it. Start working through our self-care to see what we need to work on but also start asking questions about this system is the way it is. Some of the kids in my school will end up either in jail or sitting at home. It is our choice how we want to help them thanks

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